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Newport Marine CPU - High Performance, Premium Components, Expandable, Aluminum Chassis, Shock Mounted Avalon C3Mini Computer - Compact, Powerful, Shock Mounted! Tflex G6 Sunlight Readable Displays - Designed To Rugged Military Specifications! Tflex G7 Sunlight Readable Displays - Glass bridge displays, sleek design, high brightness Ranger Portables - Sunlight Reaable LED Screens, Rugged, Intel Core I Processors, Laptop And Tablet Models

Argonautís broad product line has been developed to solve our customers specialized performance needs and extreme installation environments. Our rugged, water sealed, sunlight viewable monitors allow practical data/information monitoring in exposed marine, industrial and field service settings. Argonaut displays solve both the professional and the serious enthusiastís requirements ranging from user selectable data inputs to low level dimming control. Our G615XLR monitor is the marine industryís first and only internally ruggedized product to counteract destructive shock and vibration settings.


The Avalon C3 mini computer solves limited installation space requirements without limiting CPU power and is entirely shock/vibration isolated. Our high performance Newport computer is ruggedly designed for long term reliability with convenient expansion capability.