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New OneTouch™ Waterproof Touch Pad Mouse. MSRP $199

  • Precise Fingertip Control
  • Superior Moisture Immunity
  • No Contact Pressure Required
  • Low Fatigue Operation
  • Right Click, Multi Touch
  • Easy USB Connection
  • Compact Size and Lightweight
  • Waterproof Aluminum Case
  • Permanent Or Temporary Mount
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OneTouch Detailed Specifications

Environmental SpecificationsG615XLR-Gen2
Water Resistance Nema 4X front and back
Operating Temperature 0° to 60° C (as measured at component side)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity
Storage Temperature -55° to +150° C
ESD (applied to sensing surface) 15 kV
Operational Parameters
Motion Detection Method Mutual capacitance sensing
X/Y Position Sensing Resolution Up to 40 counts/mm
X/Y Position Reporting Relative (similar to a mouse) or Absolute
Touch Force No contact pressure required
Lifetime (Plastic Overlay): Minimum 10,000,000 strokes (500 km)
Sample Rate Up to 100 samples/sec
Operational Parameters
Power Supply Voltage 5.0 V ± 10% (3.0 V ± 15% optional for PS/2)
(3V operation is not strictly compliant to PS/2 specification, which requires 5V)
Power Supply Current USB PS/2 (Typical values) 11.1 mA 5.0 mA Active Mode (finger moving on pad) 10.2 mA
2.8 mA Idle Mode (no finger on pad)NA 60-200 μA200 μA typicalSleep
Mode (no finger present onpad after ~5 sec. Requires a "sleep mode
enable"command. Disabled by default.) 225 μA (suspend) 50 μA (1 μA
for 3V operation) Shutdown Mode (Requires a "shutdown" command.
Disabled by default.)
Interface Specifications
Communication Protocol USB
Driver Requirements Compatible with standard PS/2 and USB mouse drivers, including USB
Macintosh® mouse drivers. Drivers available for Microsoft Windows®
XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Length, Width, Depth 3.71" x 4.44" x .5" (94.25 mm x 112.9 mm x 12.7 mm)
Cable Length 70" (1778 mm)

Argonaut's all new OneTouch™ waterproof touch pad mouse, allows unprecedented pointer control wet or dry!

By using advanced capacitive touch sensor technology, this new pointing device gives you precise mouse control with virtually no finger pressure! Unlike typical capacitive touch pads that won't operate when wet, OneTouch™ uses specially tuned circuitry that is unaffected by condensation or water droplets on the touch surface.

About the size of a typical laptop touch pad, OneTouch™ conveniently fits in tight spots and the rugged aluminum case and gasket sealing allow full operation in adverse environments. Easy USB installation simply connects to any USB port.

Studies show that touchpads offer the most effective CPU control without "Gorilla Arm" fatigue often experienced when working with large touch screen displays.  Accurate and fast control under motion (in a moving boat or vehicle) is also proven most effective with touchpad technology. Argonaut OneTouch™, now you can have precise CPU control at the touch of a finger, wet or dry!

Driver Download

If you already have purchased OneTouch and for additional features and product capabilities, please click on the driver button to download the OneTouch driver.

XP / Vista / Windows 7 Windows 2000 Windows 98 / ME